Building Communities – Increasing Capacity

Increasing capacity and capability in the non-profit sector through strategic planning, board leadership development, executive coaching, funding transformation, and stakeholder collaboration.

Ripple Enterprises is committed to providing resources and support to the non-profit sector.  Leading the way in collaborative planning and innovation between community government and industry to improve well-being of, and increase opportunities for vulnerable populations.

Strategic Planning: From mission to management.  Board and/or staff, mission-strategy alignment, accountability frameworks, key performance indicators, innovation and scale

Board Leadership: Strategic recruitment/succession, transitions from operational to governance, oversight, board-staff relations

Executive Coaching: Executive staff training and coaching, succession planning, performance improvements, team building, accountability framework

Fund Development: Assessment and strategy, risks, new opportunities, renewal of existing programs, partnership opportunities, campaign development

Stakeholder Consultation: Branch alignment, needs assessment, shared purpose/plan, satisfaction, and collaboration

What’s holding your organization back?  Resources, skills….time? 

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