You never need to collaborate to maintain status quo….

Collaboration is a process to manage change, improve processes, influence behaviors and foster aligned thinking.

Collaboration has to be planned – it is not cultural, nor will it occur naturally

The best decisions, the greatest leaps forward, and outcomes that have the greatest benefit to society come from true collaboration. It is designed to be interactive, builds trust and a culture of shared value, purpose and accountability. Generative conversations engage stakeholders with a focus on GOALS – what they want to accomplish, the activities that contribute to the goal, and stakeholders impacted by the goals and activities.

True collaboration is difficult, uncomfortable and can stress relationships significantly… it is so worth it!

Collaborative teams have a culture and lexicon that moves relationships from:

Transactional  to COLLABORATIVE 

Authority to LEADERSHIP

Responsibility to ACCOUNTABILITY



Us and them, to WE and OUR

The Ripple Team has been connecting communities, industry and government to address collaborative social agendas for many years.  Principles and practices unite communities, leadership, and project  teams to align around  common interests, shared goals, and aligned contributions.



Learning from each other and sharing best practices is a cornerstone of collaboration.  

Let me share your story – What worked – what didn’t.

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