Combining strengths of COMMUNITY, with GOVERNMENT  interest and INDUSTRY resources to shape the future for a sustainable social sector.


SOLVES PROBLEMS, challenges norms and innovates to fundamentally change the way community, government and industry work together.

DEMANDS A SHARED VISION, knowledge exchange and commonly understood measures.

ENCOURAGES  COLLABORATION where traditionally there would have been isolation.  Society benefits when there is synthesizing of a vibrant economy and a strong social structure aligned to protect those most vulnerable.

SHARES KNOWLEDGE, expertise, resources and risk to create sustainable sources of revenue through a mutually beneficial framework for partnership and collaboration.

Working with Ripple Enterprises:  Social Enterprise is a complex undertaking that requires time, expertise, as well as understanding of the private sector and government.  The Ripple team has time, resources, networks and significant experience in the non-profit/charitable sector, private industry and government.  Your interests in Social Enterprise will be supported with expertise in navigating complex government systems, identifying cross-ministry opportunities and negotiation with prospective industry partners.  Identification of key partners, a shared purpose and collaboration are critical to creating a sustainable model for planning and long term viability and is a part of ongoing consultation supports.  Fundamental decisions regarding structure, legal registration, business plan development, capitalization and risks are facilitated collaboratively and supported by additional expertise throughout the process.

Are you operating a Social Enterprise?  Any tips for other people that want to make a difference?

Let me share your story.

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